Senate Dems Threaten to Bring up Vitter

Senate Democrats, tired of David Vitter delaying an energy bill, threaten to reopen debate over his past indiscretions. Vitter wants a vote on his bill to require Congress to use Obamacare. Politico reports Democrats threaten an amendment that would dredge up Vitter’s 1990s prostitution scandal.

“This is hard ball politics,” says ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley. “The democrats are very upset that Senator Vitter is holding up their proposals right now.”

Amid the 2007 D.C Madam scandal, Vitter confessed to committing a “serious sin.” Stockley says Democrats are thinking about creating a rule that would yank government benefits from anyone ever involved in a prostitution scandal.

“Well clearly such a rule change would go to Vitter,” Stockley said. “Also more openly and bluntly running ads linking Vitter to that prostitution scandal.”

Stockley says Democrats are hoping Vitter will back off his filibuster with this move. In a statement, Vitter said Harry Reid is acting like a “Vegas mafia thug” just to protect the Obamacare exemption and is calling for an ethics investigation. Stockley says Vitter is resilient and doesn’t think this prostitution scare tactic will work.

“Louisiana voters have moved well far and beyond Vitter’s indiscretions from several years ago,” says Stockley. “This may just be a non-issue.”

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