The Difference Between the Yankees and the Mets

In the world of baseball especially in New York, the Mets have always been the other team, apart from the part where the Yankees 26 championships to the Mets 2 there are many other things that set the two teams in different leagues.

The Mets really have no one to blame but themselves, from the very beginning the Mets have been riding the Yankees coattails.  Their first mistake was hiring Hall of Fame manager Casey Stengel as the first person to manage the ballclub, Stengel at the time (1962) was past his peak in the eyes of many that year they were dubbed the”lovable losers” losing 120 games if I were a Met fan they would’ve gotten no love from me, it is noteworthy that I wasn’t alive then.  In ’69 the Mets did the unthinkable winning the World Series with a Team that included two future hall of fame pitchers Tom Seaver and strikeout king Nolan Ryan.  In ’71 they made one of the most lop-sided trades in the history of baseball trading the fireballer Ryan to the Angels for 3 guys named Joe and an old Jim Fregosi.  Again hiring a Yankee great after the death of their manager Gil Hodges was another way of saying the Yankees know winners and we don’t; I mean really wasn’t there someone that didn’t wear Yankee pinstripes they could have hired to take the job!

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